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Multimedia corrosion guide

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Corrosion expertise: the Multimedia Corrosion Guide
The Multimedia Corrosion Guide is a reference work in the field of corrosion expertise, for scientists, engineers, technicians and students. Find out why...

Corrosion treatise: galvanic corrosion.

In this section, discover the most significative excerpts from the Corrosion Treatise and general presentations about corrosion presented by authors and users of the Corrosion Guide. Now presenting: Galvanic corrosion.

What are the improvements in this 2nd edition? Read more here.

Download corrosion cases.
New files available for download, features & content updates... To share your own corrosion cases with other users and continue to improve the multimedia corrosion guide. This section is yours...

Corrosion forum
Questions & answers about corrosion in general or the Guide. More...
Corrosion forum
Definitions of the main corrosion modes. More...

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