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The Multimedia Corrosion guide is the reference work for scientists, engineers, technicians and students in the field of corrosion, anticorrosion and durability of metallic materials. When knowledge is combined with experience, the result is a work of unprecedented quality and detail. The greatest corrosion specialists in industrial environments (Aerospace, CEA, EDF, ELF, Fragéma, GDF, Pechiney, Renault, Rhône-Poulenc, Ugine, Arc'Antique, Ifremer, LEMMA ...) collaborated with academic experts (INSA , UTC, ENSEEG, ENSCP, ENSAM ...), led by Professor S. Audisio, Laboratory MATEIS-CorriIs from INSA Lyon, to achieve this multimedia guide.

In addition to the Corrosion Treatise, this guide also contains a corrosion database ( industrial Case Studies) that allows a personal enrichment by adding your own case of corrosion. Your corrosion cases in addition to existing ones are available with the same selection criteria. You can also choose to share or not case files that you have created with other users.
This version obviously requires an internet connection (unlike Cdrom version). It allows:

- Connect from any computer without installation.

- Automatically backup your data on the server. You do not have to worry about saving your work.

- To share with other users of the case files of the library and lecture notes. It is of course possible to keep private as on Cdrom version.

- Go through a simple click from the French version to the English language version and vice versa. Make public for people who have corrosion problem, if you wish, your most interesting case (after validation).

- To automatically receive updates of the courses and new cases.

The web version will be available from January 1, 2013 *, but you can now pass an order which allows you to receive immediately (pending version WEB) of CD Rom French and English versions of the Multimedia Corrosion guide (equivalent to 50 % discount on your Internet version).

Price of the online version:

- 1950 € HT Full Version Fr / Gb

- Spread over 2 years Price: 1000 € per year

- Subscription with 5-year commitment: 500 € / year

For information about an order please use the contact form

Some reductions exist for universities and member of CEFRACOR and also for several orders . Contact us for that.